Directed by : S. Ashok Amirtharaj

Casting : Ashwin, Swathi, Jayaprakash, A.L Alagappan

Music :Ajesh

Produced by : A.K. Balamurugan, R. P. Balagopi

PRO : Suresh Chandra

Review :

Before the press show of Thiri , the director, Ashok Amritharaj, addressed the audience. He had that “I am a student of cinema” air. 


It’s hard to make a case for Thiri, whose protagonist, Jeeva (Ashwin Kakumanu), is one of those engineering students we’ve seen in a thousand earlier films. 


He takes on a corrupt politician. At the end, he says, “Padichavan kitta modhinaa enna nadakkum, paathiya?.


To get to this line, you’d assume there has been some serious application of the skills one acquires through education.


Maybe Jeeva invents a drone that spies on the politician. But no. It’s the usual street smarts. 


You don’t need a degree to do what Jeeva does. You just need a screenwriter who’s watched a lot of Tamil cinema.


The story takes a long time to cohere. We have to deal with the heroine, Swathi , who seems to be a contestant in a game show inside her head called Who Wants To Be The Next Hansika? 


She wakes up late for work, and instead of rushing to the office, she saunters over to Jeeva’s house across the road and asks for coffee.  Would you pay post-GST ticket rates for this?


There’s an odd development when goons with sickles end up murdering a man as Jeeva and his friends run away, concerned only about their safety. 


It’s only when he’s affected does he begin to fight the good fight. There’s something here about how we wake up only when trouble comes to our doorstep, but the director is either unaware of this subtext or uninterested. 


He seems happier shooting scenes where we get the rhyming dialogues Tamil cinema loves so much. “Annikku pasi -a irundhaaru. Innikku busy-a irukkaru.” 


The sole star in the rating above is due to Jeeva’s father, played by Jayaprakash. He’s a schoolteacher. 


He writes “DISCIPLINE” on the board, and asks students to jot down the alphabetic position of each letter in the word.


D is the fourth letter, I is the ninth, and so on. But Jayaprakash has a comforting presence. 


Even when he lectures, we feel like listening to him politely as opposed to slapping him senseless. I wish this actor found better parts to play.


Verdict : Movie talks about an Engineering graduate faces problems given by politician and his son and story line makes the movie faster with thrill..At last it is a watchable and worth able movie.

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