Directed by : Murugesh

Casting : Saran, Kishore, Sree Raam, Pandi, Prithvirajan, Aayira, Ravi Venkatraman

Music :Shabir

Produced by : R.Selvakumar, Ramprasath

PRO : Nikkil

Review :

Juvenile prison has two gangs led by Saran and Prithvi. Kishore enters the prison and befriends with Saran. The youngsters have different backstories and they want to escape from the prison and wish to lead the life they want. The warden of the prison is very strict and a hard-hearted guy. Did the boys escape from the prison? Did the warden catch them?

The young stars had given their best. But, they have to improvise a lot. Murugesh tells a tale of friendship, betrayal, revenge, and love through the eyes of these boys. The dialogues about their friendship and loyalty are heart-warming, and the performances are effective. He even manages to get the occasional laugh. Shabir's impressive background score And Niran Chander's cinematography elevates the film, especially in the innumerable chasing scenes and well-orchestrated action sequences. 

Verdict : Friendship and Love

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