Chithiram Pesuthadi 2

Directed by : Rajan Madhav

Casting : Vidharth, Ajmal Ameer, Ashok, Nivas Adithan,Gayathrie, Radhika Apte

Music :Sajan Madhav

Produced by : Dream Bridge Productions

PRO : Nikkil

Review :

An aggressive man Thiru focused on to kill Durga’s (Radhika Apte) husband, in the mid of the road and getting hospitalized, the fearless Durga was forced by his husband to get married for not paying loan properly.

On the other hand, Ajmal (Vicky), needs huge amount to solve his problem, in that case he was getting a wealthy man’s secret pen drive, with this Vicky decided to solve his tough situation.

In another scenario, a couple of guys keep the habit of looting and both relate towards Thiru who hide himself from the murdered case, Durga husband and his business friend turn to enemies and he plans to kill Durga’s husband and Thiru with the help of his another assist,

In the parallel, the young lovers, who plan to elope to lead a happy life. Unfortunately, the couple’s bags were missing out and the gold chain was reached in the hand of the looters. In the final touch all the antagonist eccentrics were getting dismissed and the positive characters are safeguarded, is one of add-on point in the story.

The film carries with enormous eccentrics and the director cherished to explain without any lacking was a tough job. The movie contains all commercial aspects, which the director tried for a distinctive lineament cinema. The cricket play Dwayne Bravo comes in a song, which was an extra flour towards the film.

Verdict : Average

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